Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Yessy Birthday

So it has been the longest time since the last post I gave...and heck..I believe I promise myself to be writting about Lu Buwei...but hey guess what? I was so consumed bout my daily routine that blog seems such a lesser of two awesome choice. Praise the founder of blog that I started blogging again..though this is just to post a video for my friends birthday (Who would have thought that Facebook can be so laggy that it takes 487hours 23minutes to post the identical video that I post and done loading before I even finish this sentence.) So anyway, people! Check it out, this is a very very very rough sketch of what is gonna happen! Pulled an overnighter last night..yeaaa! Anw do update me in BBM for further changes, though we don't have much time here! Cheerios!

1st Draft