Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Yessy Birthday

So it has been the longest time since the last post I gave...and heck..I believe I promise myself to be writting about Lu Buwei...but hey guess what? I was so consumed bout my daily routine that blog seems such a lesser of two awesome choice. Praise the founder of blog that I started blogging again..though this is just to post a video for my friends birthday (Who would have thought that Facebook can be so laggy that it takes 487hours 23minutes to post the identical video that I post and done loading before I even finish this sentence.) So anyway, people! Check it out, this is a very very very rough sketch of what is gonna happen! Pulled an overnighter last night..yeaaa! Anw do update me in BBM for further changes, though we don't have much time here! Cheerios!

1st Draft

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The pursuit of Return

Today we shall review on the number one question it this world
(Apart from why are we here? and Is God for real? and is Michael Jackson really did it!?)
Which of the following is the fastest way to reach one million dollar?

a. Real Estate

b. Investment

c. Internet

d. Business

e. Employee

think of an answer right nooow..stop reading! Done!
Here is a quick count on what I gathered from books, CDs, and internet.

As of may reach a million dollar in 32 years if you save $30 a month with an interest of 20% a year or 100 years if you save the same amount with 5% interest. Well..unless our bank provides 20% interest a year, or you live till about a 100 something years old, or add in much more money in the bank (which is more plausible) then I guess...these people wouldn't make it to a millionaire in their lifetime.

As of Real Estate, you may need an average of US$100,000 fresh cash in the bank to start your roll. If you do, then you may reach it at about seven years. Depending on the current situation and your skills. Though this is more of a richman's battlefield. The kind of game that you participate when you already have a million dollar.

As of Business, it is highly subjective since it depends on how big of a business are we talking about here, but taking example of Henry ford, it takes him 25 years to reach his first million. On the other hand, it takes Bill Gates 12 years to reach his first million.

As of Investment, lets just take example of the best investor himself, it takes Warren Buffett about 11 years to reach his first million from scratch. A relatively pretty standard start, with a super big finishing blow as of today. Btw, just a short notice from his holiness investor himself, his average return is merely 22%-27% a year (REMEMBER! He doesn't seek the 17500% ROI like the broker promise you, juuust 22% to 27%), and it is more than enough to make him THE richest man in the world as of 2008! Well..he is off the hook now.. Then again he is still filthy rich.

As of Internet, this is highly subjectives because most people don't make money out of this, but some people do. Like Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook, reach an overkill million dollar in three to four years, as of selling his facebook. People like Jeff Bezos, the founder of, too. He did it in three years by opening an internet marketplace.

So it seems that internet is the fastest way to earn money around here..Though I don't really see the internet people hit the the list of richest man/woman in the world, that aside..Well anyway, those small talks about the fastest way to earn money is about to be disemboweled by the reaaaaaaaaal businessman of this earth. YES! This whole nonsense about the fastest way to earn money is just mere doorstep to the reaaaaaaaal way to earn money! YES! This guy is for REAL! YES! He is the guy that you ever ever want to be! Yes! He is the guy who crawled his way through! Earn everything! Has everything! Reached everything! Heck! Im not talking about just money..Im talking about all of the thing that you ever ever dream for. Lets see the check list:

Weapons? CHECKED
Servants? CHECKED

You shall learnt his name by heart! Burnt deep inside your memory. Thou shall learnt to fear him! Now, give waaaay to His Almighty, under the heaven's name of Lu Buwei. He is A real business pro like Bill Gates, A super Investor like Warren Buffett, A high return speculator like George Soros, and A super landlord! Though he doesn't have internet back then.. Anyway! More on him I promise you! Today is enough talk about money, tomorrow, shall be the big day to commemorate the feat of one man in pursuit of Return.
Fingers Crossed that the almighty Lu Buwei's post shall be done by tomorrow!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

two goin on four eva.

Today we shall move on to the next POW!!.  I don't intend to word up my post, So lets keep this short and sweet. Here I attached a video and the video has pretty much summed it all up about our Person of the Week. Incidentally this answer her question on: "Anything interesting that you do today?".
This is the "anything interesting" that I do today :)

So...what say you?
Not too shabby for a beginner and a supreme 'gaptek' kind of guy riiight??? 
('Gaptek' kind of guy defined: Like the super non-techsavvy kind of guy who pissed the nice and helpful Online Mac game seller, because he asked way too many questions on how to, install the game, patch the game, and where to put it). More on this later I promise you!

P.S: Sorry for the quality..I tried to full video, and left it overnight and doesn't even load  halfway.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Jane Doe

So, back in 2006, I was just getting used to living in Australia, know, the flies, excessive UV and the gloomy winter that makes people suicidal. They sure are disturbing, but damn! Melbourne is much better than Singapore! Though I was rather petrified when I know that someone was raped like two blocks away from my victorian-style house in a f r e a k i n g broad day light! She was raped at freaking 3pm! 3PM! 3PM!! How in the John Howard name it happened!? I mean..for all I know, where I live is not very far from a happening street, and cars are always passing by! Geez-us...well, its a story for next time, back to this.

I believe this story happened somewhere around September to October, somewhere around spring where Melbourne hast the best of all  four season tumbling together in one day. YES, One day! It can be winter in the morning, freaking summer in the afternoon, getting spring warm by late noon and raining and 'falling' at night. Well, things are just happening as per se in my college, till I started crashing some other classes. So it was History of Ideas (HOI) Class, where people learn about ideas throughout different era. It started waaaaaay back during God-knows What, till Socrates, Plato, Descartes, friedrich nietzsche, and all of the random people that made fame by making out-of-the-ordinary statement or ideas. Just a foot note, I find it kind of insulting when kids nowadays call these people boring and geeky or nerdy or retarded (which btw, some of them are quite true). I mean seriously..Which is more action oriented from the following two choices:

A. doing some epileptic moves with a bicycle or skateboard, and jumping down from a 136M cliff with a single springgy rope attached to your leg,
B. Got labelled as retarded or witch or heretic, or enemy of the states till you drop what you think its true or/and they will not only hunt you down, but they kicked your ass, tortured you and your family, and kill them them I mean you and your family (YES, those people then..and now..don't listen to reason).

Seriously kids, these people are much more gangsta than you will ever be in your entire life. You wanna be cool?? Read Philosophy! Its the new awesomeness! Well back to HOI class, my dear teacher was Januz Syzack or something..Can't really spell his name..He is a white guy from South Africa *If my small brain doesn't fail me*. When he showed me his photo unshaved...I swear to Plato that he looks like OSAMA BIN LADEN! He just need to put on the turban and AK47 and Viola~ JIHADAAAA!! *Cough*! Ehhm! *Cough!* So anyway, he was started asking about something very controversial, which is what we always do in this class and thats why its fun, like: "Why are some countries are much more advanced than the others?"

Good question you Apartheid..why are some countries are much more advanced than the others?? Well the answer can be found on my previous post. BUT! There is a big BUT here. I haven't got the book that is supposed to change my life for eternity then! Being a cool kid who loves random ideas, and debates, I started shooting some random answers, like I always do. Then one girl started speaking up after sitting down for hours and watching the heated debate that damn-well can started a World war III. Our POW. I believe she was a Malaysian girl with a name that started with a "C" Cherry or Corry or whateva I have no idea. But I remembered perfectly what she said  : "Maybe it is the geographical location that makes the difference?" Me, being a prick, don't really give a damn bout some girl who I don't think I will meet or hear or remember ever again, though now I recall, she was kinda cute *Then again, I have a very blurrish image of her face, so I may be just imagining stuffs up*. So anyway if my puny brain is working, I think she was completely ignored, or shot down (Most likely by me) when her explanation is due. Then the discussion is over, with apartheid guy just smiling,looking at us fools and said: "Well, that was interesting isn't it?". I really think he read that book before and wanna see us fools debate for the answer. We sure are fools.

Hell..that day is supposed to be a day just like any other..until I found that book, and started reading it. That's when  our Jane Doe began haunting me for the next couple of years. I just can't seem to erased that event in my mind even till this very 2010. The very fact that she said the right answer, and yet, was ignored. The very fact that the truth was so close..yet so far. The very fact that the truth ain't matter, its all in the convincing. It is now burnt and etched in my mind. Till now, she always serve as a reminder for me on how the truth can be lost in a snap, and the very fact that I talk too much. She helped me much, and it has been going far as I remember her when I started talking anyway. I mean..seriously, being a guy? Its not easy to speak and think at the same time.. We even stop talking when we speak!! So it has to be either one of those you see, and since I like talking much, the thinking happened later in the game..When I realized that I, once again, talked too much. *Siighh* Regrets can't come any sooner isn't it??

So folks, she is our first POW. A supposedly cute girl that I hardly remember, can't remember her name, can't remember her face, and barely a classmate..since I crashed to her class once and thats it, and yet...her words stay sharp in my mind. For that my uttermost respect for you, Jane Doe.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Guns, Germs, and Steel and Conquer!!

So I just watched three series of National Geographic Documentary...Yes, you heard it right. I just watched DOCUMENTARY. And No! I do not apologize for my bad taste and  in fact I shall stand true to my virtue by saying: "Man I love it!" Anyway, the documentaries that happened to be in my room was so happened to be found in pure chaos theory style by my brother who was so happened to be bored in a Bookstore during his supposedly awesome holiday, and was so happened to be this:

Guns, Germs, and Steel.
The best, if not the most awesome theory ever brought forward by mere mortals. Ofcourse the theory about how the lizard people are trying to rule the world by infiltrating the human realm by working under the strongest nation (Read: USA) as a president (Read: George Bush) in this middle earth has its merit too (Fact or Fiction?). But boy O boy! This is the real deal people. The documentaries answer simple question: "Why are the Conquistadors conquer the Cajamarca, instead of the Incan attacking Toledo?". The documentaries sums up the theory perfectly in 150 minutes whereas the book can't. Oh yeees, I do have the book. And I had been reading it for two years! two years! T W O ! TWO YEARS! To no avail. It is worded in such an inhuman style, that my petty brains can't comprehend what's happening. Well..that leads to the two years of reading without finishing...My page advancement is as slow as the lost Homo Erectus people moving out of Africa to Eurasia. You can't even imagine how slow it is! Well? Thank God for the DVD!

Back to the documentaries, the answer to above question is answered by rolling back the time to 13,000 B.C.  Where the first few settlement just stay in fertile crescent and they yada yada yada yada...GEOGRAPHY! There! I said the answer!! Since we don't wanna spend 2 years of awesomeness by reading a blog that review a documentary that you hardly know do we?! Back to earth, so the geography shape us into what we are today, the Spaniards are just better off because they are better equipped with more varieties of foods (Grains and barleys) and 10 out of 14 domestic animals. Therefore it leads them to better farming system and hence the abundant of foods, giving more time for other people to start tinkering with random stuffs, such as music, cultures, writing, and best of them all, weapons. Unlike the Incans who barely have anything to farm on and well, they do have corn. Though it cannot be stored for long time, and their only supply of protein is dog,


which is way toooooo cute to be killed and eaten; and some other random foods which include humongous spiders and other critters. So they have to limit their populations due to food shortage. Hence the Ataxalpa was captured by Francisco Pizzaro instead of the other way round. You dig? Well..there are loads other factors such as the settlement period of the people, but mostly, its geographical location that shaped us the way we are.

Actually..I don't actually intend to popularize this book or documentaries or theory by writing it here. The sole reason is that...This Guns, Germs, and Stell pretty much create a good start up for our first POW!! in this blog ever. *Drums rolling* It shall goes tooooooooooooo...Be continued on the next Post.

P.S: The lizard people was a Fact! Small groups of people in US actually believe that and I think about 12 people wrote lizard people during Bush second term presidential election.

Friday, 17 September 2010


Well, I guess its about time to explain what is this POWhole thing all about. After all, these three lettered word has such a diverse understanding that it is almost a sin to withhold an explanation. So, without further ado, here comes POW!!:

P: Person/persons
O: Of the
W: Weeks
!!: Double exclamation marks/Just a typical attention seeking device/an irritating symbol that is used often by your boss in his/her emails/can directly means trouble for you/Attention and respect ma authorita~/ /to make sure you read the POW out loud.

So, every single week there will be a POW!! Post coming out talking about mere mortals that happened to contact me. I repeat, mere mortals that happened to contact me. Which means, these people can be any single one of 'em who, fortunately for them!, they met me before they die!  So these people can be  A cab driver, sushi maker, drunkards, hookers, strangers, druggies, classmates, adrenaline pumped-up Japanese, friends, the lord himself, girlfriends, Jim Jones, maid, beggars, holy people, siblings, idiots, doctors, gigolo, playa~, tutors, mormons, peddlers, assholes, gamers, magic mushroom seller, racist, actors/actresses, pornstar, priest and nuns, Chocolatiers, receptionist, Joseph Smith Jr, chef, bell boys, call girls, tricksters, angels, escorts, cheap-asians, scientologist, random chicks,  con-man, movie-ticket seller, bouncer, L. Ron Hubbard, themepark crew, big buffed dude, nerds, and Neil Patrick Harris.

To be eligible as a POW these POW!! has somehow managed to contact me in anytime of their life and leave such a lasting impression to me or crippled me for life that they alter the history of the world altogether (the butterfly effect you see..a flap of a butterfly in Africa causes a Katrina in North America, and don't ask me why, it just is)  So these POW!! may either kicked me ass, hi-5ed me, stared me, chatted me, hugged me, slapped me, sold me, lied me, gave me, funned me, awesomed me and many many many more!! and vice versa.

Well...I guess I made myself very clear in regards to POW!!.
That's all folks, lets see how this things turn out.
fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

And yet another soon to be great blog.

As the title goes...Yea...this is another soon to be great blog. As of writting this..Im starting to have flashbacks of how I promised my girlfriend to make a blog the last time round, and how it will last eternity! and Guess What!? Heck! it doesn't last longer than a haiku. It ended directly on the Third blog post. THIRD! THIRD!! THIRD Mind you! How great can it be!? Even Haiku has an average of four lines! I bet Confucius with his epic saying "Journey of a thousand epic Li, begin with a single epic step", is laughing at me from his chinese heaven...or hell. Interesting random fact, the usual afterlife, which may includes both hell and heaven to Western language, in Chinese is directly translated to "hell". So if you are dead and on your way to afterlife, you are considered to be going to hell for the Chinese...Well, the good news is, you can be in heaven in "Chinese hell".

Back to reality.
Then again, here I am..writting my another yet soon to be great blog. Sad as it sound, I forget about my blog faster than I change my underwear. Lets hope that this is gonna last juuuuuuusstt a lil bit longer than the previous four. Ooh yeeeessss....I already have four dead blogs somewhere on this mythical world wide web realm..And they are stranded in Limbo for..evaaar! Yea, You can say I'm some sort of a Playaa~ in terms of a blog world...A damn good one sir! I don't even know my previous Blogs' name..Even Barney Stinson knows the names of 200 women that he slept with! Yes..I'm A damn good Blog Playa~ sir...

So anyway, Fingers crossed! and Here goooes! POW!! The Mini History!